Monday, September 26, 2016

Charter Review Board to meet after rally

The county's Charter Review Board(CRB) will meet in a special session on Wednesday, Sept. 28th, at 6 pm at the County Admin building on Ringling Blvd.

At the meeting, the Board will consider whether to go forward with Bob Waechter's proposal that the Charter Review Board set in motion a referendum that would transform the board from an elected to an appointed body. That is, from an empowered Board of citizens chosen by the voters to grapple with the constitution of Sarasota County, to a group of appointees selected by sitting County Commissioners, funded and meeting at the will of the Commissioners.

The special meeting agenda is here. Some background here and here.

Bob Waechter
Two more CRB-related items:

  • The public will not have a chance to speak at the special session on Wednesday, but it can express itself at 5 pm, when a slate of candidates for the Board will hold a rally outside the Administration Building, on Ringling Blvd.
  • In the interest of acquainting the public with the CRB, its responsibilities and recent key issues, all candidates in the November race for the CRB have been sent 6 questions. Their answers will be posted to this blog soon after they have all had time to respond.

The next public meeting of the CRB is set for the same location - the County Administration building on Ringling - on October 12th at 6 pm. The public will have the right to speak at that meeting.

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