Tuesday, January 19, 2016

An email from Cathy Antunes

This email is dated Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016  [links added]:

Hello all,

Our County Charter is our local constitution.  It has served us well, and has been a way for citizens to shape and guide our County government.
On Wednesday night the Charter Review Board (CRB) will meet at 6 p.m. in Venice. On the agenda: a twenty-minute presentation from Bob Waechter.
Some news reports indicate Mr. Waechter may present on reducing citizen input to the CRB and/or suggesting that CRB members be appointed, not elected, Other reports indicate Mr. Waechter may be acting as a "placeholder" and someone else will present on the topic of a common law grand jury. 
Why is the Charter Review Board accepting counsel from Mr. Waechter at all?

As you may remember, a Publix surveillance videotape showed Mr. Waechter purchasing a debit card in the name of a Republican candidate, which he later used to donate to Democrats in her name.  The FBI wanted our state attorney to give Waechter's felony identity theft case to them, but the state attorney refused and permitted Mr. Waechter to plead guilty to a misdemeanor.  Through his actions Mr. Waechter has displayed complete contempt for the integrity of our local elections. 
Tomorrow night you have the opportunity to witness what recycled or completely new approach may be proposed by Mr. Waechter (or his designee) to undermine citizen input through the County Charter.  Show up and learn how the CRB functions, question why Mr. Waechter is advising them, see what may be unfolding at the outset to reduce your voice in your government. 
At last week's Republic Executive Committee meeting CRB board member Richard Dorfman shared that Mr. Waechter and his cohorts may propose abolishing the Charter Review Board - a bizarre suggestion.  
The CRB and our County Charter exist to serve the public.  Let's keep it that way.
Cathy Antunes 
Sarasota Citizens for Responsible Government.

*Meeting details:
January 20, 2016         6:00 p.m
Charter Review Board Regular Meeting
Robert L. Anderson Administration Center
4000 South Tamiami Trail
Commission Chamber
Venice, FL 
The Charter Review Board gives citizens 5 minutes each to provide public input.  Public input typically begins at 6:05 pm.  Please attend and speak for preserving publicly elected CRB officials and time for public input during CRB meetings.

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