Thursday, September 1, 2016

CRB Questionnaire: Donna Barcomb

Donna Barcomb
Sarasota County Charter Review Board, District #2

1. Why do you think you’re particularly well suited for the Charter Review Board?

The learning curve to fulfill the duties of the Sarasota County Charter Review Board is a steep one. Participation on the board requires patience, integrity, and a receptive attitude towards the constituents we represent. Owning a small business for 33 years, interacting and tending to the needs of patients, having served the last four years on the CRB and 12 years on the Sarasota County Hospital Board, I have garnered the experience and preparation to provide the citizens of Sarasota County with an intuitive, sensible, thoughtful, fair and intelligent approach to all that is brought to the CRB.

2. Do you think the Charter Review Board should be changed from an elected board to an appointed board? Please explain. 
 Although the CRB voted to send the selection proposal to special committee, I was in the minority and therefore did not vote to support an appointed board. I will continue to oppose an appointed board because I believe that an appointed board disenfranchises the voters.

3. What are three issues that have been suggested for the CRB’s consideration that you feel are worthy of further inquiry? For each one, please explain why you think it’s important. 
As stated before the only proposed amendment currently presented to the CRB is the elected versus appointed board. I do not support an appointed board. I have proposed a change to our by-laws which are procedural. One allows us time to properly vet a proposed amendment and the second part addresses an opt out of re-visiting a proposed amendment that was voted down previously for a one year time period. Currently we are mandated to docket and debate all proposals presented to the board, even those previously voted down which I believe held us hostage over a one year time period.

4. What is your position on single-district elections?
 I believe as an elected official, I represent all of Sarasota County and subsequently do not support single member districts.

5. Do you believe citizen petition charter amendment drives should be subject to a time limit on gathering signatures? 
 I do not support making a citizen petition charter amendment a more difficult process.

6. Do you believe advisory boards should be subject to a rule that aims to balance them by geography, areas of expertise, and relevant experience in advocacy? (For example, for the Planning Commission, at least one member with experience in advocating for affordable housing.)​ 
 I do not have any comment on this question.

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