Thursday, September 22, 2016

Six Questions for Charter Review Board Candidates

Sarasota's Charter Review Board is an elected body of 10 members, two members from each of the five county commission districts, who serve staggered terms of four years. The Board reviews and proposes changes to the Sarasota County Charter which are submitted to referendum in accordance with the provisions of Article VI of the Charter.

The 11 candidates running for the Board in November were invited to answer these questions:
  1. ​Why do you think you’re particularly well suited for the Charter Review Board? 
  2. Do you think the Charter Review Board should be changed from an elected board to an appointed board? Please explain. 
  3. What are three issues that have been suggested for the CRB’s consideration that you feel are worthy of further inquiry? For each one, please explain why you think it’s important. 
  4. What is your position on single-district elections? 
  5. Do you believe citizen petition charter amendment drives should be subject to a time limit on gathering signatures? 
  6. Do you believe advisory boards should be subject to a rule that aims to balance them by geography, areas of expertise, and relevant experience in advocacy? (For example, for the Planning Commission, at least one member with experience in advocating for affordable housing.)​
We have asked each candidate to provide their written responses by Noon,  Thursday, Sept. 29. We'll share their responses verbatim.

***Candidates are invited to provide photos and links to their sites.***

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