Thursday, September 8, 2016

Development tops issue list for 3rd year straight

From the Herald Trib:

SARASOTA — As Sarasota County residents' anxiety about the economic downturn melts away, their concerns about population growth and development unequivocally top their list of the biggest issues facing the county. 
It's the third year in a row that development has topped residents' list of concerns, this time with 28 percent of respondents citing the issue, according to the results of the latest annual public opinion survey conducted by the University of South Florida. 
That number is 7 percentage points higher than when population growth and development first topped the list in 2014, unseating the concerns about the economy, which have steadily dropped after the downturn, said USF political science professor Susan MacManus, who lead the survey.
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Psst: Someone should tell Mr. Developer Dark Money Eric Robinson.

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