Monday, September 12, 2016

The Tipping Point

While the newspaper points out that rapid, uncontrolled growth is the #1 issue on Sarasota voters' minds, and despite what happened to Carlos Beruff's boat channel, we have reason to take this cum grano salis, and to anticipate the November victory parties of Mike Moran. Eric Robinson, Greg (Got Gun?) Steube, and Joe Gruters. Unless we wake up soon. This week might offer some alarm clocks:

Monday, Sept. 12: Confused about local and state amendments? Wondering about the language about solar in primaries and general ballots? CONA Sarasota hosts an informed discussion of county and state amendments we'll see on the ballot in November -- Monday evening, 7 pm at the Garden Club.

Thursday, Sept. 15: Our esteemed Planning Commissioners -
including the aforementioned Moran * - will meet to consider Pat Neal's humble request to violate or abolish every last feature of the 2050 Comprehensive Plan that he doesn't like. It would be politically, socially, and economically beneficial for folks to tell the Planning Commission what to do with Mr. Neal's request. 6:30 pm. County Commission Chamber, 1st floor, 1660 Ringling Blvd.

For more context, see "Pat Neal Grabs Land"

*NOTE: Mike Moran is no longer on the Planning Commission - after enabling Carlos Beruff to develop two parcels that abut an old, potentially toxic waste dump, he moved on to become a candidate for County Commission. He reports a PAC-stuffed war chest of $76,758.13, built by the usual suspects: Carlos Beruff, Pat Neal, Bob Medred, Bill Merrill III, John Ask, Lakewood Ranch Communities (Rex Jensen), and many, many more.

The current County Commission is the least independent, most developer-friendly Board folks here can remember. They've brought us to what might be Sarasota's tipping point. If Pat Neal and his buddies push these plans through, we can say goodbye to the place we've known, called home, and fought for. Please share this with everyone you know who cares about Sarasota County.

Citizens for Sarasota County (CSC) is a new coalition to promote ethical, responsive government that preserves and enhances Sarasota's unique natural environment and cultural heritage while building a sound local economy based on effective stewardship and innovation. 

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