Friday, June 22, 2018

Differences of a day

Yesterday, June 21, very few of the Charter Review Board races were contested - it was looking like the Board was simply going to repeat its exact composition - which would ensure that it would meet three times a year, 22 minutes per meeting, and accomplish Nothing.

But as of Noon today, four of the five seats on the ballot are contested. Bravo to all who stepped up: Krista Lohr, Mindy Lou Simmons, Melissa Magac, Kevin T. Connelly, and Deborah Lynne LaPinska:

Screenshot 2018-06-22 at 12.25.58 PM - Edited.png

Candidates for CRB will receive an invite to share their views on the Citizens Blog. Same offer extends to all running for County Commission.

Also, this update: 

Remember how County Commissioners quite recently were saying the county "had to sell public lands" because we were facing a "major budget shortfall?" (link) 
It turns out those projections were off by a mere 1,200%, according to the Sarasota News Leader

"In late March, Sarasota County administrative staff showed the County Commission budget projections that included an estimated shortfall of $8,970,406 in the General Fund for the 2020 fiscal year, if two state ballot measures pass on Nov. 6. 
"However, because county expenses have proven lower than expected and the preliminary property value for this year is higher than anticipated, that gap has dropped to $742,512 in FY20, the board members learned this week."

Never underestimate the vagaries of economic projection!

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