Thursday, June 21, 2018

Candidate statement: Lourdes Ramirez

Lourdes Ramirez
My name is Lourdes Ramirez and I'm running for Sarasota County Commission because I believe Sarasota can grow responsibly.

There are three costs of growth: financial, human and brand costs. The financial cost is the cost of government services and infrastructure growth requires. As a candidate for County Commissioner, I believe new development should pay its own way and not burden the existing Sarasota taxpayers.

The human cost is the quality of life we enjoy. I believe we should focus on addressing traffic issues and ensuring we don't cut government services for our current citizens. Until those concerns are addressed, proposals for increased density of new developments shouldn’t be approved.

Growth has an impact on Sarasota’s brand. Our community had a reputation for a high quality of life, but now we face constant traffic congestion, incompatible developments, and reduced green space. As a County Commissioner, I will protect neighborhoods, parks and green space. In contrast, my opponent voted to support the developer that proposed an industrial recycling dump next to the Celery Fields which would have destroyed our important tourist destination, hurt wildlife and damaged our brand. As a county commissioner, I will vote against any proposed industrial dump next to the Celery Fields.

The citizens should trust the elected County Commission to look out for them. That is why I'm running for Sarasota County Commission. I will be the voice of the citizens of Sarasota County. 

Let's get the message out to voters. If you can volunteer your time or donate to my campaign, I would greatly appreciate it. Contact me at:

or mail your check to
Lourdes Ramirez Campaign
PO Box 35231
Sarasota, FL 34242

Note: Citizens for Sarasota County offers all candidates for County Commission space for a statement. Provision of editorial space is not an endorsement of candidate or party.

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