Saturday, June 2, 2018

Grand Lakes Hearing Interrupted by document submittal

A recent Sarasota County hearing of a Pat Neal proposal to alter certain features of Village plans met with disruption when one witness brought 400 pages of notes and documents into the record at the last minute.

For video, see the five-minute testimony of R.N. Collins that begins at the 3:01 mark.

Mr. Collins raised a series of policies and considerations of county code which appear relevant to the issues of the May 23, 2018 hearing - Pat Neal's "Grand Lakes" project on Ibis Street.

Mr. Collins introduced 400 pages of allegedly supporting documents, to the dismay of Mr. Neal's lawyer, Dan Bailey, and of some on the Board, who felt it was a bit late to bring such evidence into the process. 

But if the documents speak to the very issues at stake, it's fair to ask why these considerations were not brought to the Board's attention - by the Petitioner, or by staff - well before the final minutes of testimony. The hearing will be continued on July 11, 1:30 pm.

Post-lunch meeting audio 1 (16:43)

Post-lunch meeting audio 2 (00:21)

Graphics show the planned location of Grand Lakes. Courtesy SNL from Sarasota County

A map shows the location of Ibis Street and the planned extension, east of the site where Grand Lakes is proposed. Image courtesy Sarasota County

Thanks to the Sarasota News Leader for permission to use this story.

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