Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"We expect better from you"

A letter from Adrien Lucas to the Sarasota County Commission:

To: al maio <>, Commissioner Hines <>, Mike Moran <>, Nancy Detert <>, Paul Caragiulo <>,

Hello Commissioners and County Administrator Harmer,

I find this op-ed an interesting read considering what the county is trying to introduce into the "view" of Celery Field visitors and homeowners who live near Our Celery Field.

There is no way that the county is meeting Sarasota's Zoning mission statement which is "Zoning's Fundamental Purpose is to Protect a Community's Health, Safety and Welfare.

To have additional "ugly" folded into the view from Celery Mountain like Gabbert's proposed dump or maybe a Restaurant Depot is absolutely heart breaking.  Where is the vision for our county?  Are we that small in our thinking that green space is an affront to county government planning?

We expect better from you.

Remaining hopeful you will all follow the zoning mission statement and support your voters demands (that are growing) to cease all sales of surplus lands surrounding Our Celery Field, it's yours too, why not join us?


Adrien Lucas  

Chris Anderson: Benderson Park misses the mark, Herald Trib, March 14, 2017 Source Click HERE

"I tried watching the rowers from the west side of the lake looking east. It lasted about 10 seconds because my eyes were immediately drawn to all of the traffic constantly rushing past on I-75. C'mon, who doesn't love watching big semis at a public park? Extending a buffer wall between the interstate and the park does not make it any better, either.
I watched from the south side looking north and it was the same thing: About 10 seconds and then my eyes were drawn to the unavoidable backdrop of the UTC mall and the skeleton of the unfinished finishing tower that was supposed to be completed in September at a cost of $5 million.
I moved to the east side looking west, and again, ick, more distractions. All I could notice were the concrete power line towers, though on this side at least there was the added bonus of the whooshing car noise coming from I-75 and North Cattlemen Road...
It's a place where power lines, interstate traffic and views of the mall — the last things anyone wants to see at a park and precisely what everyone wants to escape — dominate the landscape."
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