Thursday, March 23, 2017

Roundtable on Celery Fields

Great Round Table with Alan Cohn on WWSB last evening. Entire show is below - a few highlights:

Rob Wright holding up County document showing that properties at "The Quad" - the parcels at Apex Rd. and Palmer Blvd. - were included as part of the Celery Fields as environmental lands. These are the very lands the County now has put out to bid and rezone for industrial use. This appears at 10 min, 21 seconds in the video below.

County Map shows Apex/Palmer quadrant as part of Celery Fields - total compatibility.

See also Cathy Antunes' comments at 12:50 on the failure of the County to update its Critical Area Plan for 25 years on this land. I.e., NO PART of the county's land use - surplusing, bidding, C.A.P., rezoning -- indicates proper care and stewardship of these lands.

See also: 

15:30 "Who's defining the value of an area?" asks Cathy Antunes. Special interests vs. public interests.

16:20 - Jon Thaxton: - The Comprehensive Plan is designed to adjudicate these issues.

16:35 - Notification - Rob Wright, former county employee: "The first thing you do is notify stakeholders" of what is planned before executing the plan.

18:20 - Compatibility. Wright notes that Gabbert's plan is totally incompatible with existing uses of surrounding lands.

19:50 - Thaxton - It's less campaign contributions than commissioners' philosophies on growth, and especially the Comprehensive Plan: "What do the policies direct them to do with this decision they must make?"

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