Thursday, March 9, 2017

Gathering Saturday, March 11, 11 am

Saturday, March 11, 11 am

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SRQ County Commissioner Moran referred to the voters as being NIMBY about the proposed Restaurant Depot and Gabbert Dump'cycle being located next to the Celery Fields.

Surplus land, according to county record, is described as: “Real Property that serves no future use for the county may be declared surplus and sold.”

In this case, sold for INDUSTRY

We own this land. We declare that the lands surrounding Our Celery Fields serve a very much-needed future use for the county.


Put the Public back in Public Lands. Put the sanity back in Sarasota Planning.
Listen to this podcast with Adrien Lucas.

MARCH 11 - 11 am - APEX & PALMER

Sarasota County's mission statement on zoning states: "Zoning’s fundamental purpose is to protect a community’s health, safety and welfare.”

Come Saturday - Join Non-Partisan NIMBY's working together to Save Our Celery Field and surrounding Sarasota neighborhoods!

*** There will be water, snacks, tables and sign-making materials for kids.***

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