Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Waste Applicant Gabbert dumped funds on Commission

James Gabbert of 1250 Hidden Harbor Way, Siesta Key, an elected member of the Sarasota Charter Review Board, is the applicant wishing to build a construction waste processing facility right by the Celery Fields, on the SW quadrant of Apex Road and Palmer Boulevard.

James Gabbert
At least 22 companies (limited liability partnerships, or LLC's) are registered to Gabbert, according to The Phoenix and other sources, each of which is a conduit to the pockets of the County Commission. According to a breaking story by WWSB, four of the five sitting commissioners received multiple contributions from Gabbert in the last election. Only Nancy Detert was not a recipient of Gabbert's largesse.

Individuals are permitted to contribute up to $200 to a Commissioner's campaign, but each registered company (LLC) may contribute that amount. 22 LLCs = $4,400.

Caragiulo: 21 contributions, $4,200

Hines: 23 contributions, $4,600

Al Maio: 22 contributions, $4,400

Mike Moran: 21 contributions, $4,100

Total from Gabbert, $17,400

WCA Construction waste facility at 8001 Fruitville Rd. 
built by Gabbert, sold to WCA in 2005

Caracara at the Celery Fields

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