Thursday, September 19, 2019

Swimming in debt - through growth

Someone might want to hand the Argus Foundation a clue:

If growth pays for itself, as we’ve so often heard in Central Florida, then local governments like Sumter County — the epicenter of The Villages’ development — must be swimming in cash. 
Instead, it’s acting like a government drowning in the costs of growth.
Sumter is so desperate for money that its five Republican county commissioners look ready to vote next week for a whopping 25.6% increase in the current property tax rate. - Orlando Sentinel

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  1. Not just a clue but a comprehensive study done by Texas A&M back in the late 90's was given (by me) to then Venice City Mgr, George Hunt. That study was very exhaustive and concluded that residential growth did NOT pay for itself unless the new residences were in the million to multi million dollar range. This study was given to Hunt to support my contention that Venice needed to slow down growth, be selective, and recognize the innate value that having a residential address in the City of Venice had a value of its own. At the time Venice was fighting with Sarasota County (i.e. fighting with ourselves since every resident of Venice is also a resident of the County) over annexation and development (and who would provide water and sewer service to the area) of the area then known as Henry Ranch.
    Being a single voice in these kind of issues is a losing proposition so voters in the upcoming city election need to understand that unless they elect a majority of like minded council members things will not change.