Wednesday, April 20, 2016

LTE: Whole Foods' Trophy

Whole Foods' Trophy

When defending a proposed Whole Foods parking lot on University Parkway that will destroy a long-protected and functioning wetland, Whole Foods’ spokesperson Tony Lesley said the company will “hire an arborist to identify trees that, once removed, can be repurposed into tables and wall art” for the new store.
This is akin to repurposing Cecil the Lion by hanging his trophy head on the wall.
Whole Foods as a corporation may support laudable “green” values but clearly does not understand or support core environmental values important to Sarasota County residents.
Whole Foods’ eco-friendly actions in energy efficiency and recycling will occur at any location. But they should happen at a different site — one without wetlands or other environmental features our community wants to protect.
Susan Schoettle

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