Tuesday, April 12, 2016

State House Forum at CONA 4.11.16

The first Election 2016 Debate at CONA Sarasota offered more than enough sparks flying -- on guns, abortion, regulations, state vs. local power, and much more. Only three candidates attended: James T. Golden and Steve Vernon running for State House Dist. 73 (East Sarasota), and Edward James III, a candidate for State House Dist. 72 (North Sarasota).

(CONA videotapes these forums with thanks to Pete Theissen.) The videos are below in sequence.

James T. Golden


Steve Vernon

Edward James III

Dan Lobeck moderated, and CONA President Kafi Benz did the intro and audience questions.

Dan Lobeck
Three other candidates did not attend: Alex Miller, Sara Kathleen Blackwell, and Joe Gruters.

See Herald Tribune - Zac Anderson's story:

SARASOTA - Republican state House candidate Steve Vernon told a crowd gathered in Sarasota Monday for a candidate forum that he "absolutely" believes large donors corrupt the political system and campaign finance reform is needed. 
Vernon's Democratic opponent, James Golden, took the opposite position, saying: “I'm not concerned about the money; what I'm more concerned about is the apathy.”
It was among the many sharp — and sometimes surprising — divides between the three candidates for two Florida House races in a forum at the Sarasota Garden Club hosted by the Sarasota County Council of Neighborhood Associations. 
Three candidates — all Republicans — skipped the forum, leaving two Democrats and Vernon to answer questions in front of about 50 people. More here.

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