Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mobility - ? - in Sarasota: Workshop today

from Dan Lobeck of Control Growth Now:

Sarasota County "Mobility Plan" Moves Forward
(Although We Won't Be Able To If It's Adopted)

Sarasota County government has just revised its schedule for considering its "Mobility Plan" to increase traffic congestion and promote urban sprawl, to the benefit of the developers who control the County Commission, by:

  -- Repealing concurrency, the rule that a developer must produce a traffic study and pay its share of road improvements shown to be needed by that study.

  -- Slashing road impact fees on developers even further in much of the County, while keeping them far below full impact fees everywhere.
  -- Reducing road improvements in most of the urban County while emphasizing the funding of new roads to open up rural lands for development.

   -- Embracing traffic congestion, on the premise we should make more trips by foot, bicycle and buses that get caught in traffic too.

The schedule is as follows.  Concerned citizens should take every opportunity to speak out against this crazy scheme.

Thursday, May 28, 2 pm 1001 Sarasota Center Boulevard (County Operations Center east of I-75 and north of Fruitville Road) - Workshop with public questions and answers following this Powerpoint presentation by Special Projects Manager Jonathan Paul: Mobility Plan Powerpoint.

Tuesday, July 7after 1:30 pm. 4000 South Tamiami Trail, Venice (Anderson Center) - Staff presentation followed by authorization of public hearing.  No public input is scheduled but comment is allowed during Open To the Public at 1:30.

Tuesday, September 8 - time and place not yet determined - Public hearing on adoption of the Mobility Plan.

The consequences of traffic congestion include air pollution, stress-related health problems, increased traffic accidents, ambulance delays, loss of family time and diminished quality of life.  Also, it harms business by delaying the delivery of goods and services, increasing commute times and discouraging tourism.  Here's a report of how traffic congestion is hurting businesses in South Florida: Miami Herald: Traffic Congestion Hurts Business.

We need to speak out about this before uncontrolled growth makes us another Miami.

  -- Dan Lobeck
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