Monday, May 4, 2015

"A con man's con man"

Letter on campaign contributions in the City of Sarasota:

The law requires candidates for the City Commission to disclose to the public the identity of each and every person who contributes to their respective campaigns. The rationale of this requirement is that one is judged by the company one keeps. Does a candidate accept financial support from an unsavory source, one whose interest is detriment to or at odds with that of the city? 
Examination of Liz Alpert’s list of contributors reveals that she has received financial support from the infamous Michael Barfield, a serial felon with a record of 68 criminal convictions over a lifetime of crime, including the federal crimes of perjury before a grand jury, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and wire fraud, for which he was sentenced to ten years in prison. The judge involved in the case fittingly described him as “a con man’s con man.” He is a con man still. 
Ms Alpert, of course, is aware of, but not troubled by, the Sunshine Law cottage industry Barfield operates with attorney Andrea Mogensen for their personal financial gain at the expense of the city. That she sees fit to accept Barfield’s blood money to further her political ambition is to my mind an instant disqualification for office. For there is no way to reconcile her public embrace of Barfield with her professed “passion” for the city’s welfare.

                                                                                  Frank Brenner

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