Monday, May 4, 2015

Email to Argus Foundation regarding Conflict of Interest

Integrity 2016 -- a group of concerned Sarasota citizens that organized the April 1 Integrity Rally protesting a blatant public conflict of interest -- sent the email below to the Argus Foundation on April 22. It introduced an Open Letter to the Argus Board and asked for a response by May 1, 2015. As of today, May 4, no response has been forthcoming.

Click this link to read the Open Letter

To the Board of the Argus Foundation, Joe R. Hembree President:

As citizens of Sarasota, we believe that The Argus Foundation's recent hiring of a top public official, Christine Robinson, as Executive Director leaves certain questions unanswered. In an effort to clear the air, the attached letter offers a series of questions regarding the intent and wisdom behind that decision.

The intention is to open a dialog that will lead to better understanding of what we as taxpayers can expect from Argus's contractual obligations with Ms. Robinson vis a vis her dual roles. Now that you have engaged the public sphere by hiring Ms. Robinson, we believe you have a new accountability to the Community.The public has a justified interest in a detailed understanding of your purposes and goals in this matter.

Please see the attached letter, sent without broadcasting online or to Media. We would appreciate an in-depth response by May 1.

Thank you.


Click this link to read the Open Letter

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