Saturday, March 28, 2015

If Sarasota is "desirable," then what?

via SRQ Daily 

This piece about growth by Sarasotan Kevin Cooper leaves us a bit unclear. It ends:
"Growth is the inevitable indication of a desirable community. Given the fact that Sarasota’s net internal decline has increased over the last 10-years, while at the same time continuing to grow, it would appear that the area is becoming increasingly more desirable."
What is the significance of the observation? Lots of things are "desirable." Some are so desirable they are overrun, plundered, or destroyed. To have a desirable community, if that's what Mr. Cooper means, in part means knowing how to keep it intact.

Sarasota has traditionally opted for slow growth, which has helped maintain its desirability, relative to other counties around the state. What's needed is a sensible self-determining plan to ensure that it continues to be desirable, rather than overrun by those seeking to cash in on market trends.

Former County Commissioner Jon Thaxton had more to say about this matter of self-determination in the Alternative Visions Forum recently sponsored by the Better Government Association.

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