Monday, March 23, 2015

Can Commissioner Robinson serve two masters?

Sarasota County Commissioner Christine Robinson now is also Executive Director Robinson of The Argus Foundation.

What is The Argus Foundation? According to its new website

"We keep a broad community perspective. We create the future. We offer solutions."

What sort of future does Argus wish to create? What sorts of "solutions" will it offer? And, how broad is the perspective Argus brings to Sarasota's public dialogue?

The Argus Foundation's 30-year track record can be glimpsed below. The statements in italics are verbatim from the Foundation's former website:

Argus is pro Big Corporation:
As a member of The Argus Foundation you will be associating with the president's and CEO's of some of Sarasota's largest and most well-established corporations. 

Argus is impatient with government:
What good is an economic development plan if business cannot rely on government plans for commercial development?

Argus on the 2050 Comprehensive Plan:
There has been a historic perception in Sarasota that we could maintain our quality of life by thwarting growth. A vocal minority has been aggressive in embedding land use regulations into the County Comprehensive Plan making it difficult for responsible development.

Argus is primarily concerned with the "well being" of one segment of Sarasota County's people:
Today, the Argus Foundation has 170 active members made up of a broad cross section of the business and professional community representing more than 50 different industries.

Argus is devoted to one interest group:
. . . the need for a rational business agenda far outweighs the other agendas individual members may bring to the table.

Can someone employed by this group seriously represent all of Sarasota's people?

Sarasota County Commissioner Robinson AND 
Executive Director Robinson, Argus Foundation

Should this conflict of interest end?

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  1. A disgrace… she cannot serve two masters. Let's make a big crowd on April 1 at 1660 Ringling. Let our message ring out loud and clear!

  2. Black is white and up is down in Sarasota County. It is beyond comprehension how the Commission considers Robinson's work for Argus acceptable.

  3. If the Commission in fact does consider this private employment by a lobbyist "acceptable," that says a great deal about these elected officials.