Monday, March 23, 2015

Amendment 1 has our support, but where are our elected officials?

via the Herald-Tribune

Jono Miller:

" . . . the ballot measure passed four to one in Sarasota County. For sticklers, it garnered 78.09 percent of the vote, a seldom-reached plurality. That was great news for Sarasota, which has two highly ranked Florida Forever sites awaiting funding, and another just on the other side of the county line in Manatee County.. . . 
"When my ancestor, Hugh Archer Corley, served on the Florida Cabinet, only half of Florida was owned by private interests. Today private ownership in the state has increased to nearly three-quarters -- most of it sold at very low prices to fuel Florida's economy. Amendment 1 enables us to buy back land that we now realize should have been retained as a public asset." Read more...

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