Thursday, October 5, 2017

Florida in the grip of the Gun Lobby.

This interview ought to be an eye-opener. It describes NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer as essentially writing the laws that have turned Florida into one of the more "accommodating" states in the US when it comes to gun control. "Stand your ground" and Open Carry are two well known examples of a legislative influence that has designs on reshaping the way we perceive guns throughout the USA.

Fresh Air Interview: Terry Gross speaks with reporter who covers the NRA
Journalist Mike Spies says the NRA's push to allow guns on college campuses, daycare centers and bars is part of an effort to "normalize gun carrying as much as possible in American public life."
Hammer earns $200K a year writing gun legislation and making sure Florida's Republican legislature passes it:
. . . because [Hammer is] so enmeshed in the culture of the state and because Florida is a state that has a very high population of NRA members, she's able to function as an unelected legislator and often has more power than legislators do and is able to tell governors what to do and able to tell Republican lawmakers there what to do. And that is - that is what she does.
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