Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fresh Start: A Community Initiative for our Celery Fields

This letter signed by neighborhoods near the Celery Fields went to the Sarasota County Commission on Oct. 12, 2017.

To the Board of Sarasota County Commissioners

RE: Celery Fields District

Dear Commissioners:

On August 23, 2017, you listened to hundreds of residents and visitors who deeply care about the Celery Fields. Some call this area the Siesta Beach of East Sarasota County. Viewed in its larger context, the Celery Fields offers the prospect of becoming a unique gateway to Sarasota. Thanks to the Commission for protecting this potential --  we now want to work with you to actualize it.

Fresh Start is a group of  HOAs, businesses, and citizens who believe a shared approach can create an original opportunity for Sarasota County.

The quad parcels are situated at a key intersection that connects five distinct but related communities:

  • The Palmer Blvd. neighborhoods and schools
  • The Industrial Parks
  • The Packinghouse District
  • The Celery Fields Preserve and Sarasota Audubon
  • The Fruitville Initiative

Our residents deserve a voice in shaping the future of these public lands. To that end, we invite the County to develop with us a community-based consensus for the district. We propose an open workshop that would allow ideas and goals to be shared, analyzed, and refined. Together, we can:

  • Enhance the great ecological and recreational value already latent in this area.
  • Serve the needs of residents, schoolchildren, local businesses.
  • Allow to evolve a useful, attractive, intelligent, multi-faceted hub.

Working in concert, we can make something good here. To begin, we ask that the County:
  1. Remove the Quad Parcels from the Surplus Lands list for the present;
  2. Hold a community-based workshop to develop a consensus vision plan.

We’ll soon be scheduling meetings with each of you to discuss this initiative.


Fresh Start
(Signers listed below)

The East Sarasota Celery Fields Area


Signatories for Fresh Start

Palmer East Group

Enclaves, Carlos Correa, President
Laurel Oak, Charles Young
Meadow Walk, Gary Walsh, President, David G. Johnson
Eagle Trace
Palmer Lake
Regent Lake
Palmer Glen
Palmer Reserve
Sarasota Golf Club Colony

Palmer East Working Group: Glenna Blomquist, Paula Berkowitz, Carlos Correa, Peter Gemma, Jonny Howell, David G. Johnson, Wendy Loomis, Matt Moffitt, Robert Rovnak, Gary Walsh, Charles Young.

Fruitville 210 - Gary Heffner, Chairman

Cedar Hammock    
Cedar Hollow    
Chatwick Court
Coffman Manor   
Deer Hollow
East Richardson  
Forest Creek
Fox Creek
Fox Creek Acres 2
The Groves  
The Meadows
Newburn Village
Palm Oaks
Peaceful Vista Homes
Pine Valley Ranches
Pleasant Acres
Racimo Ranches
San Palermo
Southpointe Meadows
Swartz Subdivision
Vereda Verde
The Woods

Save Richardson Road East (Sarren)

Scott Featherman, MD
Joey Anderson (also on the Board of Fruitville 210)
Jane Archer
Margaret Lewis
Judith K. Earl

Aberdeen Pines, Mary and Lee Hasselbring

Bent Tree, Bob Zack

Gator Creek, Bob O’Neil, Treasurer

Lake Sarasota Community Group

Keith Russo, Chairman
Ellie Himes, Treasurer
Joy M. Mayer, Secretary
Joanna Kilmer
Jami Caseber

The Hammocks, Julie Williams, President; Marguerite Malone.

​Sarasota Audubon, Rob Wright, Conservation Chair

NCCA, Steve Baran, President, 640 Apex Rd., David G. Johnson

​Citizens for Sarasota County, Adrien Lucas, Cathy Antunes, Tom Matrullo

. . . for the future of the Celery Fields

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