Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sea Level Rise: Four perspectives at CONA Sarasota

Video of Tim Rumage speaking about sea level and global climate change at CONA:

Participants at CONA Sarasota's Sea Level Rise meeting of May 8, 2017 included:

Jack Merriam, a natural scientist with extensive governmental experience in water management, currently a director on the boards of the Sarasota Bay Foundation and the Suncoast Waterkeeper, will discuss effects on our community. 

Tim Rumage, co-founder of This Spaceship Earth, co-author of the recent book bearing the same title, and the coordinator and professor of environmental studies at Ringling College of Art and Design, will round out our discussion of local efforts. 

David Shafer, executive director of the Science and Environmental Council, will discuss the recently launched Sarasota-Manatee Climate Council, an independent regional work group that aims to advance understandings of climate change, translate them into projects, planning, and policies that will connect agencies, organizations, and community groups in information sharing, collaboration, and action. 

Lorrie Muldowney, a historic preservation consultant practicing out of Sarasota and a director of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

Lorrie Muldowney at CONA Sarasota

Tim Rumage

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