Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Planning to plan not to plan?

From Cathy Antunes:

The County land use hearing on March 1st regarding the NW parcel at Apex and Palmer is a hearing to change the Critical Area Plan (CAP). What is a CAP? It is bigger than a rezone. Simply put, CAPs are supposed to ensure good planning. The CAP near the Celery Fields merits a reevaluation, to consider the importance of this major ecotourism site in relation to surrounding land use. THIS HAS NOT BEEN DONE. Instead the County may railroad through a horrible CAP change from rural to industrial use. They could only contemplate this because they are 

  1. ignoring the CF as an ecotourism draw, 
  2. ignoring traffic, and 
  3. failing to do a CAP reevaluation. 
Demand that the County Commission do their job - deny the industrial CAP change, then REEVALUATE the Critical Area Plan to include protections for the Celery Fields and surrounding neighborhoods from industrial and other poor, damaging uses. Read this document to learn about Critical Area Plans. Failing to walk their talk has been a big problem with the County Commission's land use decisions. We need them to do the right thing.

Comment on above:

Critical Area Plans are supposed to make sure that the "Critical Area" impacted by a development plan is carefully considered for negative impacts. Yet the boundary of the Critical Area Plan for Restaurant Depot only covers the parcel that Restaurant Depot wishes to develop. How does this square with the purpose and definition of a Critical Area Plan?
Boundary of the Restaurant Depot Critical Area Plan

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