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RALLY MARCH 1, 2017, 9 am

From Adrien Lucas:

I need as many supportive warm bodies and minds to join me in protest for the following:

Date: March 1
Time: 9 am
Location: Sarasota County Administration Center in the County Commission Chamber at 1660 Ringling Boulevard, Sarasota, FL 34236

Why: Our County Commissioners are holding a public hearing regarding Proposed Amendment to Critical Area Plan No. 83-10-SP and Rezone Petition

What this means: Restaurant Depot wants to build on county-owned land that has been deemed “surplus and salable” and this land is directly across the street from the Celery Fields Preserve.

Restaurant Depot

How does this impact Sarasota: Should the County Commissioners approve this request the effects to the area are vast and grim. Home values in local neighborhoods will fall, traffic on Palmer Road will become even more congested and dangerous for road emergencies, the ecosystem will be further burdened by noise and traffic, numerous birds who frequent or live in the Celery Fields and are listed as endangered will become even more challenged by humans and their ever shrinking natural habitat.

More about the Celery Fields here

Our County’s Zoning mission states that: ZONING’S FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE IS TO PROTECT A COMMUNITY’S HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELFARE.” This sentence in caps was taken directly from the counties “What is Zoning?” guide. And let’s be clear, our county Planning Board Members, Charter Members and County Commissioners are failing us greatly.

We, the people of Sarasota, are granted three minutes to speak in opposition of granting Restaurant Depot this amendment change, rezone and sale of county owned land. I encourage you to exercise your right to express your opinion and speak to the County Commissioners at this hearing. You will need to sign a public comments sign in card when you arrive.

I will be outside the building at 8 a.m., and hope you will pick up a sign from me or a friend to hold in protest during this meeting.

If you cannot attend, please, please, at the very least, email our County Commissioners and simply tell them that you do not approve any surplus sales of county lands that surround the Celery Fields.

Email:                              Al Maio                              Charles Hines                           Mike Moran                           Nancy Detert                       Paul Caragiulo         County Administrator Thomas Harmer: 

Also, if you have a spare minute, please sign the following petition:

Thank you,

Adrien Lucas
Bird Nerd and Citizen Activist

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