Monday, August 22, 2016

Why the Charter Review Board Race matters

Mike Shlasko is one of 5 Dems running for the Charter Review Board. See the list of CRB candidates below. Schlasko's campaign gets to the key issue in the race:

Recently the Sarasota County Charter Review Board has voted to study a proposal by former GOP Party Chair Bob Waechter to turn the Board from an Elected Body meeting several times/year to an Appointed body meeting infrequently. This proposal is supported by several County Commissioners. This is a blatant attempt to turn our Charter Review Board from a Citizens Watchdog into the Commission's Lapdog! 

Bob Waechter

More about Bob Waechter
In 2013 the Charter Review Board also rejected a request to study a Charter Amendment that would elect County Commissioners by vote of their District Constituents rather than by vote of the electorate in the entire county which makes it extremely difficult for candidates not backed by wealthy real estate developers to fund campaigns targeting our now almost 300,000 county voters. 

There have even been recent attempts to require 60% voter approval rather than the 50% to pass Charter Amendments as well as attempts to limit the time to collect signatures for charter change via Citizens Petition. 

All of these actions speak to an attempt to limit the ability of our citizens to have direct and local input into our County Government.

The new candidates

The five new candidates for the Charter Review Board have strong roots in Southwest Florida and a wide range of active community experience. More about them here:

All Charter Review Candidates:

Charter Review Board, Dist. 1Arlene Sweeting (DEM)Qualified
Charter Review Board, Dist. 1Joseph Anthony (Tony) Sawyer (REP)Qualified
Charter Review Board, Dist. 2Karen Collins-Fleming(DEM)Qualified
Charter Review Board, Dist. 2Donna Barcomb (REP)Qualified
Charter Review Board, Dist. 2Vic Rohe (REP)Qualified
Charter Review Board, Dist. 2Robert Neff (GRE)Qualified
Charter Review Board, Dist. 3Tom Patalano (DEM)Qualified
Charter Review Board, Dist. 3Pat Wayman (REP)Qualified
Charter Review Board, Dist. 4Ray Porter (DEM)Qualified
Charter Review Board, Dist. 4Jody Hudgins (REP)Qualified
Charter Review Board, Dist. 5Mike Shlasko (DEM)Qualified
Charter Review Board, Dist. 5Walt Augustinowicz (REP)Qualified
Charter Review Board, Dist. 5David Samuel (REP)Qualified

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