Tuesday, June 16, 2015

State Parks and Local Parks under Threat from Policy Change

What you can do right now to preserve the Myakka River

Dear Friends of Myakka –

Over the last few months, articles and radio discussions are occurring around agricultural uses across the entire state park system. Close to home, in our backyard, Myakka River State Park is currently being assessed for potential cattle grazing which might also include hunting, timbering and other private use.

For more than 70 years, the Florida State Parks have protected our park lands, which supports the native plants and wildlife. Florida residents and visitors from around the world come to enjoy our park and many others across the state.

It is our position that these ideas are in direct conflict to the Friend's mission and the years of fundraising and support to the park for resource management and habitat protection (visit our website MyakkaRiver.org) by moving towards agricultural or other multi-purpose usage.

In conjunction with publicized opposition, a public meeting will be held this summer in Sarasota. We are counting on you to attend this public meeting regarding the future of our park. We will insure you know the time and place!

Here are some of the most recent articles. Please click on the links below to read these articles that can also be found on our Facebook page and website.

June 12, Orlando Sentinel: “Florida State Parks are under assault” column by Beth Kassab

June 12, Tampa Bay Times: “To boost state park funds, DEP considers hunting” by Craig Pittman

June 11, Jacksonville Times Union: “One of the coolest things to find in the woods is a huge hornets’ nest ----a cow pie, not so much.” By Ron Littlepage


Sign the petition to stop the attack on Myakka at the link below, it only takes a minute. Then forward it to everyone you know – we need 1500 signatures and more! 


The Governor and Cabinet are scheduled to confirm the Interim Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, Jon Steverson, on June 23. Contact your legislators, contact the Governor, let them know that our DEP leadership needs to protect our state parks. Insure that whomever is confirmed protects our parks from multi-use. It only takes 30 seconds.

We appreciate all your support over the years – NOW, you and your love of Myakka River State Park count more than ever! Please act now.

All the Best – Friends of Myakka River State Park

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