Monday, July 11, 2022

Webinar July 25: The Fish Farm Threat to the Gulf


July 5, 2022
Contact: Christian Wagley   850.687.9968


Offshore fish farms threaten Gulf of Mexico

The Federal government is proposing multiple offshore fish farms in the Gulf of Mexico, threatening the health of Gulf waters and stocks of wild fish. Join us as we learn about these proposed farms, their specific locations off Florida, Louisiana and Texas, and work being done to keep them from harming Gulf waters and marine life.

Our guests include James Mitchell, legislative director, Don’t Cage Our Oceans; Christian Wagley, coastal organizer, Healthy Gulf; Neal Schleifer, Siesta Key, FL and Andrianna Natsoulas, campaign director, Don’t Cage Our Oceans. Don’t Cage Our Oceans is a coalition of 14 nonprofit organizations working to stop offshore fish farming while uplifting values-based sea-food systems led by local communities.

More information on this event is available on the Healthy Gulf website and Facebook page.

Healthy Gulf is a nonprofit organization that works to protect and restore the Gulf of Mexico and the people and communities along its shores. For more information or questions please contact Florida – Alabama Coastal Organizer Christian Wagley: or (850) 687-9968.


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