Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Kirschner: County Commissioners, war chests, empty promises

Kelly Kirschner: Why single member district voting makes sense in Sarasota County:
You don’t have to go far to see what lots of money in local, general elections look like. Just examine the County Commission. All five county commissioners were elected with war chests of cash, funded primarily by the development community. 
Mike Moran and Al Maio both voted for
Gabbert's dump and Siesta Key changes
County residents who live on Siesta Key and adjacent to the Celery Fields have felt the sting when their “district representatives” vote against the overwhelming will of their constituents — doing so with impunity, as these commissioners are elected by all voters in the county. This allows them to escape the accountability of their district constituents. 
They are then buoyed by copious amounts of cash from the development community, which their votes consistently serve. This allows them to dwarf political opponents as they run campaigns that are light on substance and heavy on tired, partisan appeals littered on jumbo postcards, yards-signs, and billboards across the vast swath of Sarasota County. 
He concludes:
. . . vote “Yes” on the County Commission “single-member districts” amendment 
Full column here. Some illustrative examples of a failure of accountability here.

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