Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Thaxton on the Comp Plan - CONA

Former county commissioner Jon Thaxton presented a fine, thoughtful overview of comprehensive planning from the late 70s to the present time at CONA Sarasota on April 9.

It's a story of a giant pendulum swing from an era that foresaw the dangers of unregulated growth (sprawl, traffic, uncoordinated planning and pervasive dysfunctionality) and put agencies and rules in place to address those dangers, to the present time in which layers of prudent oversight at the regional and state levels have been dismantled.

That leaves local government -- and citizens -- to work out the difficult implications and impacts of large scale planning. Who provides the vision if citizens feel local governance is inadequate, who has their back?

In the Q & A after his talk, Thaxton addresses questions arising from current planning issues in the city and county.

The first segment begins with Ben Cannon talking about residents' concerns with a plan at the Raquet Club behind Trader Joe's. Thaxton begins at about the 16-minute mark:

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