Monday, January 1, 2018

Fresh Start in 2018

The Fresh Start Initiative's early focus for the new year will involve small sessions seeking insight into how our community can achieve a higher order of planning in 2018 than we witnessed in 2017.

We want to hear from folks who care about sensible planning and about the Celery Fields -- how can we achieve a more integrated approach to the possibilities in this changing and complex area? The possibilities ought to intrigue anyone looking at the intensifying large scale trends in Sarasota County. More on this very soon.

Meanwhile, the Fresh Start Initiative was featured first in the Sarasota News Leader, and later in the Observer, and gained mention in the Herald Tribune's list of the 100 top stories of 2017.

The Sarasota News Leader also covered the two Board hearings that brought out many in the Community to resist proposals for a Restaurant Depot and the Waste Facility, listing these among its top 60 stories of this year. The News Leader's coverage continued with the county's agreement to work with Fresh Start as well as  later Board decisions on the parcels at Apex and Palmer in detail.

We're starting 2018 with fresh ideas to integrate vision, community, and common sense into shaping the Celery Fields area. Getting this right could encourage more thoughtful visioning for other areas of the county.

This is a community-based approach -- please join us.

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