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Lucas: We won - but Gabbert's WTF needs to be watched

It took a Celery Village

but the Last Stand at Celery Hill has been won!

On November 6, 2019, the Sarasota County Commission finally heard the public outcry to “Save Our Celery Fields” and voted 5-0 to place three of the four parcels in a conservation easement. The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast and Sarasota Audubon will work with the Sarasota County Administrator and Planning to reforest the southeast parcel and do something for the northeast parcel with the retention pond. The southwest parcel will also come under a conservation easement. The northwest parcel with the fire station was left out of the vote. We will continue to monitor that parcel as 4.1 acres there are not part of the conservation easement, and could be rezoned in the future.

I want to thank everyone who helped in defeating past and present Commissioners from selling the Quad properties for development. This was a non-partisan effort that was supported by local, state, national and global efforts. People can continue to enjoy the Celery Fields without further introduction of development in the Quad Parcels surrounding the park. What a joy! 

However, with this exciting win for the Celery Fields, there is something we need to continue to monitor. The “WTF” Waste Transfer Facility, adjacent to the Quad properties, is in its early stages of being built by TST Ventures. Sadly, Mr. Gabbert decided to build his dump despite heartfelt community efforts to persuade him to find an area better suited for his business. 

Mr. Gabbert and his attorney William W. Merrill III have applied for a Zoning Appeal with Sarasota County. Screen shots pertaining to this appeal may be seen below. 

In a nutshell, if you are interested, there is a Public Hearing beginning at 6:00 pm on Monday, November 18 to considering Zoning Variances from the Sarasota County Zoning Regulations. It appears that Mr. Gabbert wishes to alter the Special Exception plan: He is now asking to move the location of a proposed stormwater retention pond to a property he owns outside the boundary of the WTF. The new proposed tank would not only change the site plan, but it would be underground, making it likely more difficult to monitor. 

Sarasota County Zoning staff have denied Mr. Gabbert’s zoning modifications, hence, the appeal. We will be attending this meeting and following its outcome.

(and many Sarasota scientists who have much more knowledge than I do) believe that with Gabbert’s dump, there will be known construction particulates that contain poisons such as lead paint, asbestos and who knows what else that will be sprayed down in the open air dump. This water will leech into the Celery Fields Stormwater Retention Pond. This drainage ultimately ends up in Sarasota Bay.

We will keep you abreast of the situation but if you want to attend a meeting, please join us at 6 pm Nov. 18 at 1660 Ringling Boulevard, Commission Chambers.

Bunches of Celery Hugs,
Adrien Lucas

Date: Mon. November 18, 2019

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Location: 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, FL

Parking may be found behind the County building in the parking lot.

Discussion Section:

Public hearing to consider Appeal 19-155651 ZZ, a request by TST Ventures LLC to appeal a Zoning Administrator’s interpretation letter dated 8/28/19, interpreting that the
modification of the stormwater pond is a substantial modification to the binding concept plan and the approved Special Exception will need to be amended. The property is zoned Industrial, Light Manufacturing and Warehousing (ILW) and is located at 6150 Palmer Boulevard and 1099 Porter
Road, Sarasota (Parcel ID No. 0237050001 and 0237120001). William W. Merrill, Esquire,
Email the Sarasota County Commissioners
It is polite to be polite! It isn't easy being a public figure, and they finally heard us! You may or may not want to thank Sarasota County Commissioners Charles Hines, Al Maio, Nancy Detert, Mike Moran and Christian Ziegler.
Just click the button to the right and the link will take you straight to the Commissioners email box.
Useful Links, Supporting Material & Some Helluva Good Press from the Past Week!
ABC Channel 7 by Rick Adams | November 6, 2019

Filmed by Daniel Perales, produced by Adrien Lucas

Herald Tribune by Anna Bryson | November 2, 2019

ABC Channel 7 by Taylor Torregano | November 1, 2019 

ABC Channel 7 by Taylor Torregano | November 1, 2019 

Herald Tribune by Carrie Seidman | Octobert 31, 2019

Citizen's for Sarasota County Blog by Tom Matrullo | November 3, 2019

Sarasota News Leaser by Rachel Brown Hackney |October 24, 2019

Fresh Start for the Celery Fields, a real time blog holding any and all things related to the Celery Fields and Sarasota County government. Great place to learn what we are up against. This is a useful site for appropriate cut and paste sentences for writing why you oppose the sale of the Quads.

Comment on Critical Area Plan for the Quad Parcels at the Celery Fields, a breakdown on the proposed county staff Celery Field Quad CAP analysis to Sarasota planner Mr. Kirk.

A video of Fresh Start's presentation to the Board of Sarasota County Commissioners on Sept. 12, 2018 that apparently fell on deaf ears. Click here to View.
Sent by Adrien Lucas,
A Sarasota p.t. private citizen moving back to SRQ f.t. to run for
County Commissioner and small business owner of
who simply is overjoyed that we all Saved Our Celery Fields!

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