Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sarasota resident seeking response from Mike Moran

Pat Rounds lives in District 1 of Sarasota County. She 's been attempting to communicate with District 1 Commissioner Mike Moran:

March 12, 2019

Commissioner Moran,

It's been over two months since sending the request below, and still no response from you.
Are you the County Commissioner for District One, or do you simply live in this District as required?

See questions in bold text below. 

If you can't respond to residents in your own District, any notion that you represent all five districts is laughable.

Pat Rounds

(Still waiting to hear when you're conducting a District One town hall meeting....)


Feb. 1, 2019

Commissioner Moran,

I understand that the Gabbert Construction Waste Facility has been approved on Palmer Blvd. This decision was made despite overwhelming opposition from Sarasota County residents including an organized and extensive citizen effort to identify alternative uses for this property consistent with its surroundings.

Mike Moran and Al Maio
It makes no sense to oblige the wishes of one person while compromising the Celery Fields (a nationally recognized wildlife sanctuary with an Audubon facility) to the east, and numerous commercial establishments to the west (including a grocery store and restaurant with outdoor seating).  The Celery Fields can't relocate.  A construction waste transfer station has other site options. 

As a resident of District 1, please explain the rationale for this decision.  And since the Palmer/Apex Road intersection contains multiple parcels of surplus public lands, please assure this constituent that you will mitigate the negative impact of this massive construction waste site by designating the remaining adjacent public parcels parcels as a non-industrial buffer (e.g., parks and recreation areas).  

Finally, do you hold public outreach meetings with your District 1 constituents? 

If so, when and where will the next meeting be held?  If not, please do so immediately. 


See also: "Pat Rounds and Bill Zoller on Single Member Voting Districts" (Herald Tribune editorial):
The County Commission is the sole local entity that can issue an ordinance to hold a special election at the county level. Should our commissioners receive a request to hold a referendum to vote for alternatives to single-member districts, they should reject it.

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