Saturday, October 20, 2018

Save our rural heritage and canopy oak trees!

A developer is petitioning to rezone 49 acres of land on Boleyn Road, a dead-end, non-arterial road to a cluster home development of 70 homes.

This property floods - badly!! Why would anyone want to build on this land? 

  • Surrounding this property is the Palmer Farms subdivision, a well-established neighborhood consisting of homes on 5 acres. The proposed dense cluster-home development is not compatible with the existing land use pattern of one house per 5 acres and is definitely not a reasonable transition.
  • The Comprehensive Plan supports preserving the rural lifestyle in the Rural Heritage area; however, that does not stop developers from trying to chip away and away at our community to erase the unique character of our neighborhood and Sarasota! It’s these special enclaves that set Sarasota above the rest. 
  • This subject parcel already has a recorded, perpetual conservation easement and a binding site plan of 25 homes, but they want almost 3 times more! Do the words “perpetual” and “binding” have any meaning at all? Much of the new development contemplated out east of I-75 include conservation easements/or restrictions. 
  • If those conservation protections can be extinguished with the stroke of a pen, where does that leave the public trust?
  • Boleyn Road is a designated Canopy Road. If you ever travel Debrecen Road off Palmer, you can’t miss the beauty of these stunning oak trees. In order to build 70 homes, our canopy road will have to be brought up to county standard-- putting beautiful ancient oaks at risk due to road widening and damage to their roots.
Boleyn Road

Please come support us Oct. 24, 9 am, at the Sarasota County Commission meeting at 1660 Ringling Blvd. Please wear green. 

Please email our Sarasota County Commissioners asking them to DENY RZ 18-09. Thank you! 

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