Sunday, September 16, 2018

Three perspectives on the public realm

1. A consultant's recommendation to put an 80,000-square-foot industrial facility on public land a short walk from the Celery Fields will go to the Board of County Commissioners for discussion on Oct. 10. If the Board sees fit, the Lambert recommendation for rezoning Quad Parcel #3 could begin the public review process soon after. For the present, the Quad parcels at Apex Road and Palmer Boulevard remain in public hands.

Paley Park, NYC

2. A distinguished city planner talks about why she believes in the human importance of planning successful public spaces. "Communities can tell whether or not you understand their neighborhood," says Amanda Burden. "It's not something you can just fake."

3. Two long time citizen advocates urge a NO vote on a county-initiated amendment on the November ballot that would make it much more difficult in the future for voters to gather enough signatures to place a citizen-initiated Charter amendment on the ballot.

Please share this with your networks - our public lands, public spaces, and public voices are now at risk.


  1. I have a cherished photo of my mother and my sisters sitting in Paley Park from a trip we took to NYC in 1980! Good luck with the ballot.

  2. My husband snapped a photo of me in Paley Park back in 1970 when we were on a date. We'd go there often and the beauty of that peaceful spot, amid all of NY's hustle and bustle, nourished our romance. Public access to beautiful spaces does much for the population, and we should build more of them!!