Thursday, August 9, 2018

Siesta Promenade update

Todd Mathes, Benderson's project manager has scheduled the Neighborhood Workshop for Thursday 8.23.18 at 6 pm  at the Pine Shores Presbyterian Church,  6135 Beechwood Ave, Sarasota FL 34231

For a detailed overview of the Siesta Promenade project and community concerns, see the Sarasota News Leader story here.

Benderson development: Siesta Promenade at Stickney Point and US 41

Assuming that it will be in the sanctuary (the big round building.)  Paved parking is located off of Crestwood and also Beechwood, next to the sanctuary, and overlfow grass parking at the intersection of Crestwood and Glencoe Ave.

... it comes as no surprise that they have chosen this date, knowing that it is a very popular time for people to be completing their summer vacations, and are out of town.  
Note: ANYONE can speak at the Neighborhood Workshop. There are no restrictions to only Pine Shores residents. This affects all who live and/or work in the area, as well as Siesta Key residents-plus anyone that goes to the beach!

Please make every effort to be there, as this is the county mandated meeting that Benderson is required to hold to present the project and to "hear Sarasota resident's concerns."  county staff will be in attendance.

It appears that Benderson is trying to fast-track the application to get it heard prior to the election, or at least before the new commissioners start their terms.  

Pine Shores Neighborhood Alliance

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  1. Now that the Promenade has been approved, has anyone thought of putting up gates to prevent traffic ? Although this would be an inconveience, it would be better than the traffic. Benderson should pay for any gates.