Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Single Member Districts on the chopping block?

From a concerned resident:

People around Sarasota are receiving calls from those who fought Single Member Voting Districts:
An official campaign is already underway to undermine November election results. Sarasota County voters in all five Districts overwhelming endorsed Single-Member Districts (SMD) to ensure more direct representation and accountability from our County Commissioners.  Below is a message from a county resident about a slanted phone survey regarding how the County Commission should be configured.   
So, what’s the potential endgame here?  Thanks to the two misleading County Commission ordinances on the November ballot (Charter Review Board and Citizen Petition Amendments), our Commission now solely retains the right to hold off-cycle "special elections." So don't be surprised if SMD is on the chopping block before 2020. The County Commission should reject any request for a special election to undo SMD before it even has a chance to work. Stop this "Anti-SMD " effort in its tracks and tell our County Commissioners to respect the will of the people they're elected to represent.  

Please post any information you may receive about this Anti-SMD campaign (including the source/funding of this phone survey) on the Citizens for Sarasota County Facebook page.   

---------- Forwarded message ---------Date: Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 5:57 PMSubject: Heads up - single member districts
Just a heads up. I just recd one of those survey calls for Sarasota.Someone has paid for them to survey whether we would be opposed or for one of the following:
  1. create a new 5 district county board where 3 are elected at large and 2 by district. (or vice versa – can’t remember now)
  2. create a 7 member board where 3 were elected at large and 4 by district. 
Based on the silly questions they are already tying to unwind the amendment we just passed on single member districts.  The questions are definitely worded to make these single member districts seem bad for the people.

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