Friday, January 26, 2018

Gabbert, Fresh Start, and Sarasota County Planning

Mr. Gabbert’s Construction Waste Debris Transfer Operation will be situated at Porter Rd. and Palmer Blvd., next to the I-75 underpass, and immediately adjacent to the proposed YMCA outdoor sports complex that was part of Fresh Start's proposal to the Board on 4.25.18. 

The sports fields are proposed for 10.7 acres of public land (SE corner of Apex/Palmer) which the community group feels is more suitable for uses compatible with exotic species of birds, wildlife, human recreation, children, narrow roads, and a new vision of the Celery Fields area, visible from the Interstate, as a beautiful gateway to East Sarasota.

Gabbert's Full Waste Transfer Plan is here

EPA Waste Transfer Station siting guide

Gabbert Waste Debris Transfer Operation
YMCA Outdoor Sports Fields
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