Wednesday, November 22, 2017

County to discuss selling surplus lands Nov. 28th

Tuesday Nov. 28th, the County Commission will meet in the "Think Tank" (3rd floor, county admin bldg.) at 1:30 pm. Among the items they will think about is Agenda Item #32 - which concerns surplus lands. These are public lands that the County is considering selling to help narrow its budget gap.

The way the discussion is framed by the new Administrator, Jonathan Lewis, it appears to assume selling these lands will bring quick budgetary relief. (The causes of budgetary distress are not addressed.)

These lands include the parcels at Apex and Palmer near the Celery Fields where a developer had proposed to put a demolition waste facility.

Fresh Start is an initiative endorsed by more than 50 HOA's who believe that instead of selling off these parcels piecemeal, the County might consult the surrounding community, consider the features of the land, the potential future uses, and together work up a consensus plan that will both protect the Celery Fields and provide a greater long-term ROI.

Rational, community-based planning will enhance the value of the land many times over what some warehouse or industrial developer will pay for it, and lead to a far higher quality of life for all.

The Board's pdf with details of the discussion is here.

The meeting should be broadcast live via county video

Page 10 of Surplus Lands Agenda Item

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