Friday, November 4, 2016

Letter to the editor: Cassia Cay

via Herald Tribune

Another development on US 41
The proposed Siesta Promenade at Stickney Point Road and US 41 will create terrible traffic problems, but it is not alone!
Cassia Cay, a proposed development with approximately 200 housing units and 170,000 square feet of commercial space, is proposed a mere two miles south on Tamiami Trail, just north of the intersection of Beneva and Vamo roads.
The 32 acres are on pristine land along Little Sarasota Bay, adjoining a county preserve with an active eagle's nest. In addition to the environmental degradation this will cause and the question of overbuilding shopping centers, the traffic situation on Tamiami will be horrific.
The proposed traffic light will be only about a half-mile from the existing one at the corner of Vamo. Even without the additional traffic, if Siesta Promenade is approved, congestion on South Tamiami Trail, which is an evacuation route, will pose a serious threat to public safety.
Why does Sarasota County keep approving developments without regard to traffic congestion? We already have empty storefronts in the Landings and the former Albertson's shopping plaza across from Publix. Do we keep building more shopping centers and let existing ones die? And what happens with the next downturn of the economy?
I urge every concerned citizen to appear at the county Planning Commission hearing concerning Cassia Cay on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. and tell them what you think. Our voices must be heard!
Ruth Brandwein, Sarasota

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