Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Public comment on Pat Neal's proposed change to the 2050 plan

Letter to the County Commission relating to Pat Neal's proposed new element of the 2050 Plan to accommodate his "Grand Lake" development:

To:  Sarasota County County Commissioners and Planners
Re. Comprehensive Plan Amendment No.2015-F 
Thank you for this opportunity for input.
Unless you haven't paid attention to the local media,  housing is a continually expressed need and is even written as a housing goal in the Comprehensive Plan.  In this case, it is a proposed increase in the number of homes from 258 to 788 dwelling units and yet requesting an elimination of the affordable housing requirement?
This decision will set a precedent for other proposed developments and those who vote for this Comprehensive Plan Amendment can take the credit for not helping a community need and paving the way for future affordable housing insults resulting in more of those who provide local services as well as the young professionals to live elsewhere.
The traffic intersection analysis approval seems to be based on assumptions vs fact about future improvements.  E-53 pg.599
Potable water needs will be significantly increased from 64,500 gpd to 261,000 gallons per day.  There is some ambiguity as to what water line would be used, the one on Ibis or the line extension on Clark.
I didn't see a proposed Fiscal Neutrality Studying the documents.  Obviously more infrastructure and services will be required from the original approval for 258 homes to the request for 788 dwelling units.
There were a number of residents in the area who were okay with the original 258 home approval but 788 presents numerous issues which is not adequately addressed. Many of the issues in the proposal were pushed to the County or FDOT to fulfill.
Please vote No on this critical decision at this juncture in Sarasota’s Growth and Development as it truly doesn't reflect the needs of this community and will set a precedent that will plague us all. 
Thank you,
Vicki Nighswander
Sarasota, FL

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