Tuesday, October 25, 2016

One reason Sarasota County is not attracting good companies

The UTC mall was constructed on 500 acres of land that was formerly designated as MEC-Major Employment Center- which allowed light industry-the zoning was changed to commercial to allow the mall. Over the past 15 years over 3500 acres of MEC land has been changed from MEC to residential and commercial use. If a major light industrial company wanted to come to Sarasota ( High wage jobs) they would have difficulty in finding appropriately zoned land. Sarasota’s economy generates low wage service jobs- there has been no effort to create a healthy balance between the high wage light manufacturing and residential needs. Our educated children must leave the area to find meaningful employment. 

Kevin Connelly 
Board Member- Sarasota Manatee Manufacturing Assoc.
Kevin T. ConnellyPresident
Apollo Sunguard Systems, Inc.
4487 A Ashton Road
Sarasota, FL 34233
Office: 941-925-3000 ext.106 | Cell: 941-321-9763 | Fax: 941-925-3001

Mr. Connelly is a candidate for the Sarasota SMH Public Board.

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