Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fredd Atkins at CONA Sarasota

CONA Sarasota held a "debate" Monday evening - an important race - District #1, the only seat on the Commission to be decided by voters in November -- the other seats were decided by a minority vote of Republicans in the August primaries.

Here's the CONA event - in two parts. First, Dan Lobeck offers his take on the Comprehensive Plan that's about to be approved by the Commission on Oct. 25th -- and why it's a very bad idea.

The second part is a series of questions to Fredd Atkins - the only candidate to appear at the meeting. Another candidate was invited, and his empty chair was an eloquent sign of that candidate's attitude toward the people whose votes he allegedly requires to be elected.

The candidate who did not appear is heavily backed by the community of developers, builders, and financial folks who pay great sums to have their folks in office. They are the machine.

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