Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Letter to the ERC (sample)

Rick Scott wants the Environmental Regulatory Commission to allow more toxins into Florida waters.

There's a meeting today, July 26th, that might see that decision being made.

We can tell them what we think about this.


Sample email:


"Adam R. Gelber" <aagelber@bellsouth.net>,
Carl Roth <croth@deanmead.com>,
"Craig D. Varn" <cvarn@mansonbolves.com>,
Joe Joyce <jcj@ifas.ufl.edu>,
"Sarah S. Walton" <waltonss@gmail.com>

Do not allow more toxins in Florida waters

ERC Commissioners:

First, do no harm.

Next, work to improve the public good.

Always, regard your decision with conscience - human lives, environmental health are in play.

Thank you.

Citizens for Sarasota County 

Citizens for Sarasota County (CSC) is a new coalition to promote ethical, responsive government that preserves and enhances Sarasota's unique natural environment and cultural heritage while building a sound local economy based on effective stewardship and innovation. 

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