Wednesday, May 11, 2016

CRB votes to consider becoming an appointed board

Sarasota County's Charter Review Board by a vote of 6-2 Wednesday decided to call a special meeting of the entire Board to consider Bob Waechter's proposal to transform it from an elected to an appointed entity that would meet only on an "as-needed basis."

Two CRB members were not present. A couple of those in attendance made it clear that their vote to proceed to committee consideration was no indication that they were in favor of the proposal, which was presented briefly and without detail by Waechter before the vote.

Charter Review Board
Prior to Waechter's presentation, 15 people spoke during the "Open to the Public" segment of the meeting. Fourteen spoke against the proposal, some in very strong terms, arguing that a move from elected to appointed status would open the Board to cronyism and influence peddling.  Just one speaker, former board member Cathy L. Layton, spoke in its favor.

The CRB plans to call a special session well in advance of its next regular session in October. That meeting will be open to the public. No date has yet been announced.

Herald Tribune story here.

Meeting link.

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