Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Something's rotten . . .

See this? It's a map of just one of Eric Robinson's apparently slimy PAC operations:

Robinson, who is also the treasurer for the embarrassing Carlos "Obama-is-an-animal" Beruff, is a player in Southwest Florida. According to The Detail, Robinson "contributed" big money to a PAC that he runs - then paid himself handsomely from the PAC for his services.

Eric Robinson

Carlos Beruff
Both Robinson and Beruff hail from Miami. Both have managed to become quite wealthy, and now want taxpayers to employ them. Beruff, who has greased local campaign funds (more here) for years, has declared he'd like Rubio's US Senate seat. Besides helping Carlos in that effort, Robinson is hoping to become an elected official himself - he's running for Sarasota School Board. He has an opponent: John Dippolito of Nokomis.

Something's rotten - the same folks who have played hardball politics as moneybags and backroom managers now are seeking public office.

Do our children need to have their lives, their schools, their horizons, their sense of public dignity, modeled by the likes of Eric and Carlos? Will developers develop more toxic sites, as Beruff is doing at Foxfire? What if they all made it to positions of public power -- Mike Moran, Greg Steube and Pat Neal, along with Carlos and Eric?

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