Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stand for Integrity Today


  1. Sign The Petition
  2. Attend Today's Rally

Sarasota County Commissioner Christine Robinson has accepted paid employment as Executive Director of the Argus Foundation, a lobbying organization for big developers which favors urban sprawl, lower impact fees and other measures to benefit her employers at the expense of the public interest.  

Almost everyone agrees:  It's a clear ethical conflict.

Robinson should resign one of those positions.  

As the Bible tells us, you cannot serve two masters.

Please join with other concerned citizens to let your voice be heard on this affront to integrity.  

There are two things you can do.

Here's the Link To the Petition

(You may disregard the option to donate to the web site offering the petition)

More than 500 have signed already -- please add your name.


12:45 pm

1660 Ringling Boulevard

We will gather at the north entrance to the County Administration Building at 1660 Ringling Boulevard, 
across Ringling from the Post Office.  

You can park across the small street to the south of the building and walk through the building to the rally site.  
Please be on time, as media will be invited.

If you expect to join us for this rally and have not yet rsvp'd, please let us know at Yes, I Expect To Attend

Sponsored by Integrity 2016, a broad coalition of Republicans, Democrats, Independents and others who believe its about time for integrity in our local government.

Thank you for your considerations.

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