Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter regarding transparency in Fiscal Neutrality

A letter from Vickie Nishswander addressing the question of public participation in the process of developing a working model of fiscal neutrality, a key componenet of Sarasota County's 2050 Comprehensive Plan:

Dear Sarasota County Commissioners,
On behalf of the community supportive of Control Growth Now and the 2050 Action Network we would like to offer a collaborative effort in the development of the “transparent, effective, practical formulas and applicant guidance for 2050 development projects and  their submission of acceptable fiscal Neutrality Analysis” and its extension for further approved developments which have fiscal neutrality monitoring requirements that was an assignment from the Oct. 22, 2014 Public Hearing on Proposed Amendments to 2050 Policy/ Regulation.  In this way, community input will be built in the development of the fiscal neutrality model on the front end.  A consultant was indicated to have been hired and the draft development is to begin this month.  In accordance with the contract, we would like an amendment to be approved.  We would like to offer at least two representatives to attend and provide input to the consultant working group or as another option to provide the 2050 Action Network with benchmark reviews, discussions and updates during the draft process and routinely thereafter till the final product is developed over the 9 month period.  This offer is a win/win for the County as the community input on the front end may expedite the process and provide transparency and inclusion. Since this particular consultant is not local, local participation can only be seen as a plus for a better product.
It would be preferred for the Network representatives to be part of the working team providing the transparency listed in the contract including:
  • Attendance and participation at working group meetings in the development of the fiscal neutrality methodology
  • Participation in the review process of technical definitions
  • Participation in schedule development
  • Participation in the review of methods
Thank you for this consideration.
Vicki Nighswander MAT, MPH
Member 2050 Action Network
Sarasota County community stakeholder

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